Ein Projekt der Akademie der LernKulturZeit

Bernhard Hanel

bernhardBernhard Hanel is an artist and entrepreneur, and has become nationally known with KUKUK.
KuKuk develops, plans and builds unique experience-, play and outdoor spaces for people of all ages throughout Europe. Complex and dynamic structures invite you to climb, shimmy, jump, balance and train motor skills, mobility, strength, endurance and coordination. They enable various sensory perceptions and offer occasions for communication. KuKuk wants to promote the independent and direct experience of reality as well as the spontaneous and holistic handling of the (natural) environment.
Behind the name KuKuk Kultur stands a very specific concern: to create protected spaces for children so that they can develop in free play and perceive the world with all their senses. The playgrounds are built up with volunteers worldwide, primarily with young people.


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