Ein Projekt der Akademie der LernKulturZeit

Silke Weiß

fortbildung-fuer-lehrer-silke-weissSilke Weiß, born 1970, LernKulturz-Coach and trainer for potential development, mother of two children.

Silke has been leading groups for 30 years, first in youth organisations, then as a teacher at the secondary school and as a trainer and further educator at the University of Frankfurt, and since 2012 in her own LernKulturZeit. The development of personalities has always been close to her heart, now she has made it her main profession. She accompanies people in change processes, which she herself has extensively researched in theory and practice.

In the last 10 years she has built up and expanded the network of education and awareness. For her, education towards a sustainably living society is inseparable from a change in consciousness and education is an acupuncture point for change.

Further training: Innovation coach after the Augsburg School, organizational developer (FH), yoga teacher (BDY)

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